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    Weapon Rules


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    Weapon Rules

    Post by Synch on Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:40 am

    Weapon Proficiency

    In order to put a stop to the nearly inevitable stalemates between swordsmen and the like, we have a weapon proficiency. Within your character template will be a section where you can add your weapon(s) of choice; if you don’t use a weapon, either put “unarmed” or ask a mod. Each starting character then has 5 points that he can spread across his weapons. If it’s a swordsman who exclusively uses swords, then put all 5 points into “sword”. If he’s a Jack-of-all-trades, then you could put 1 point in up to 5 weapons.
    The number is your weapon proficiency. If you have a 5 in “unarmed”, while your opponent has nothing, then in a bare fist fight, you would undoubtedly have the upper hand. No pun intended.
    When you finish a thread, and request for a stat upgrade [See more about stat upgrades here], let the staff member attending you if you used a weapon, how much you used it, and exactly where [page, post, and paragraph] in the thread it was used. The staff member will then award you accordingly with more proficiency points.
    A higher weapon proficiency does not account for strategy. If a debate ensues, seek out a judge here.

    Purchasing Weapons

    Weapons must be purchased; no excuses. Weapon shops can be found here.

    Normal weapons that could be bought at any shop will come cheap in the plaza. Special weapons, however, will require a much higher cost. The cost of a weapon will differ according to details involved, and will be solely up to the moderator currently in charge.
    There are initially no limits to how many special weapons a member can purchase, but devil fruit weapons and seastone weapons are highly restricted.

    • Devil Fruit Weapons – Devil fruit weapons are not technically limited, but each weapon will use a devil fruit slot. [To see more on devil fruits, see here....] As long as you have a free devil fruit slot that you don’t mind using, then you can make a weapon.
      Devil fruits used on animals will count as a devil fruit weapon.

    • Seastone Weapons – Kairoseki, or seastone, will render a devil fruit user defenseless. Kairoseki-lined weapons are limited to 2 per account, and can only be acquired on a marine.

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