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    Bounty Hunters Wanted


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    Bounty Hunters Wanted

    Post by Synch on Wed Nov 27, 2013 1:32 pm

    The aid of any and all bounty hunters is greatly welcomed to help in the culling of the pirate menace.

    If you wish to try your hand in claiming a bounty, post here in the Bounty Hunter HQ. Here, you can apply for the chance to go after a bounty, or even join with other bounty hunters to take down larger marks.

    If you wish to go after a bounty, then visit the bounty board, pick an appropriate wanted poster, and post a thread with the title being "Hunting ________", with the name of the pirate. In the thread, post the following sheet:

    [color=#cc3333]Bounty Hunter(s):[/color] Name of your bounty hunter(s) that will be on the hunt. Link(s) to the character(s)
    [color=#cc3333]Mark(s):[/color] Name of your mark(s). Link to the wanted poster(s)
    [color=#cc3333]Permission:[/color] Has the mark given you permission to begin the hunt?

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