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    Post by Synch on Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:19 am

    Godmoding - Godmoding is the control of another person's character. This is not allowed. An example of even the most basic of godmoding would be: "Bob threw a punch that hit Bill." Any and all attacks must be left open to allow others to react. If you believe that a member is either godmoding or abusively dodging too many attacks, then contact an admin.

    Unoriginality - I have no patience for unoriginality. Don't even try it.

    Double Posting - Double posting is clearly prohibited. No exceptions.

    Posting Minimum - There is a five line minimum when posting in the rp section. That's about one paragraph. I've gotten complaints about this, but it's only one paragraph. If you can't write a single paragraph, then you shouldn't be rp'ing in the first place. Again, this applies only to rp'ing.

    Wait Period - While rp'ing, each person has 36 hours to post. If you fail to post within this time frame, then you are to be skipped within the thread. After a person has been skipped once, the wait time will decrease to 24 hours. If you are skipped twice in a row, then your crew’s captain reserves the right to either remove you from the crew, or god-mode your character through the thread [resulting in a loss of experience for the thread]. If you know you won’t be able to post, let your captain or crew know. You all can discuss where to go from there.

    Characters - Five characters per account. Of these five slots, only one (1) character can have a logia devil fruit, two (2) can max haki, and one (1) slot is a special ~ rokushiki, fishman/mermaid, cyborg, life return, etc.
    1) Most species are allowed, within reason. Be logical.
    2) No Giants with DF’s.
    3) No logia’s with rokushiki
    [For more information on Character Rules, see here]

    Devil Fruits – Three devil fruit slots. Of these three slots, only 1 logia. Devil fruits can be used on animals and weapons, but will count as a slot. [For more information on Devil Fruit Rules, see here]

    Prison – To prevent the nigh-inevitable debate when a marine attempts to apprehend a pirate, characters can be imprisoned. [For more information on imprisonment, see here]

    Claimed Islands – The character claiming an island must be at least Rank A. Once an island or town has been claimed by a pirate crew, the land cannot be re-claimed by another crew unless one of two requirements are met.
    1) The crews battle it out, and settle the claim in blood.
    2) The new crew out ranks the previous. [i.e. – A Yonkou setting claim to an island that a Shichibukai has already claimed] If this occurs, the original owners of the island have the right to wage war in an attempt to re-claim their territory.

    Traveling - To allow for open-world interaction, you're required to post in the "Open Seas" about you travels between islands. [For more information on Traveling, see here]

    Entering A Thread - Threads are generally closed; the only people allowed in them are the crews involved. Marines, however, can enter any thread once a crime has been committed and reported. Bounty Hunters can also enter, but they must give a grace period. Bounty Hunters must warn the captain that they are coming, and the two parties must decide if they want to wait a thread, and create a dedicated plot, or if they'd rather handle it as it comes. If the pirate captain refuses to decide, then the bounty hunter has the right to do as he wishes

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