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    Haki Rules


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    Haki Rules

    Post by Synch on Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:50 am

    There are three different types of Haki; Observation (Kenbunshoku), Armament (Busoshoku), and Conqueror’s (Haoshoku). Haki is inherently in every being, but cannot be tapped by everyone. Only two of your characters can learn haki past this point.

    To combat logias, Armament Haki is partially available to every character at rank B. At rank B, a character will be able to hit logias, even in their elemental state, but it will not do any more damage than the attacks regular strength. The other half of Armament, which allows for defense, is not freely given.
    In order to progress beyond the basic Armament that every character has access to, you must be at least rank A, and you must find someone to teach you. A staff member will oversee your training, and will decide how much training will be required of you. Once a character has been taught, their proficiency increases with each rank, much like devil fruits. [To see more on the devil fruit upgrade system, see here]

    Once trained, each Haki has a few points to note.

    • Observation – Must be used sparingly. Anything can be taken away, and I’d be happy to do it. Observation Haki won’t make you an untouchable god, so don’t act like it. As the name suggests, it's based on what you can observe. You cannot dodge sneak attacks.

    • Armament – Again, must be used sparingly. For your defensive use, anyone with a higher rank will be able to break through, and anyone on par with your rank will depend solely on their gameplay.

    • Conqueror’s – May only be used once within a thread. If it’s used in a site event, then there must be a 25 post cooldown. This means that if I use Conqueror’s Haki, then I must post 25 times before I can use it again. Conqueror’s Haki will knock anyone two ranks or lower than the user unconscious. Anyone unconscious will remain so for 5 posts. Someone only two ranks lower, will remain unconscious for 3. In other words, an SS using Conqueror’s Haki will knock anyone rank B or lower unconscious for 5 of their own posts. A rank A, however, will only need to wait for 3 of their posts.

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