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    One Piece Pirate Nation


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    One Piece Pirate Nation

    Post by Poncho on Sat Nov 21, 2015 6:35 pm


    Hello! We understand the frustration in the current animanga RP communities about the lack of good and active. places to roleplay. Here at One Piece: Pirate Nation we strive to give you the best possible roleplay experience. Giving you simple, but at the same time flexible and deep rules, we hope to get rid of the BS of the current RP era and provide a place where creativity, combat, and character development are all encouraged.

    The rebooted One Piece Pirate Nation will include things such as:

    • Canon and Non-Canon Devil Fruits
    • A large world, with many different islands: each with their own story, wildlife and more.
    • Bounty Hunting for both PC and NPCs.
    • Customizable weapons, pets and ships.
    • Occupations such as shipwrights, cooks, and swordsmen.
    • Player-Involved events at a constant rate.
    • Brand new, friendly and helpful staff.
    • Modes which can suit people from all different walks of RPing
    • Much, much more.

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