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    Basic Rules


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    Basic Rules

    Post by Synch on Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:03 am

    These shouldn't even need to be said, but here they are. These are the general rules that should always be followed, in and outside of rp'ing.

    Attitude - We're an adult-friendly site, so we don't care much about how you act, and what you say. The only thing we care about it how you treats other. We're a family here, so keep it friendly. Mistreatment of others will not be tolerated.

    Pornography/Hentai - No. None of this. Despite what I said above about this being "adult-friendly", we still have kids here. Keep it clean.

    Multiple Accounts - This is a huge no-no. Multiple accounts will result in a perma-ban.

    Usernames - Usernames have been set to unchangeable. People frequently changing their names can become confusing for everyone. If you wish to change your name, you may ask an Admin.

    Avatars/Signatures - As long as it doesn't impede on any other rules, I don't care what you use for an avi or sig. Just be respectful of others, and make sure it doesn't stretch the page. Also, do not advertise. We have an advertisement section.

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