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    Character Rules


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    Character Rules Empty Character Rules

    Post by Synch on Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:23 am

    Each member starts with five (5) character slots. Of these character slots, one (1) slot is a “special” slot. Special slots can range from character races to techniques. Currently, the special slots are Rokushiki [available only to Marines], Life Return [available only to Marines], Fishmen/Mermaids, Cyborgs/Robots, and Giants. This is tentative to change.

    Character Races

    Nearly any species within One Piece universe can be created. The only races that are banned are those that would be illogical to create, as of yet. For instance, Dwarves have remained hidden, and so it would be unreasonable to have one walking the streets. One the other side of this coin are those races that we have minimal knowledge about, such as Moria. Until more information is given out, such races will be exempt.

    Of the available species, a few are considered to either take up a special slot, or come with flaws:

    Giants --  Giants, although extremely difficult to properly rp, are available for creation at the cost of a special slot. [Creation of Giants will not become available to the member until they have reached the Grand Line] Giants may also not have devil fruits. We don’t need overpowered juggernauts with supernatural abilities roaming the seas; we already have the Yonkou and Admirals. Furthermore, before you’re able to create a Giant, you must PM an admin. The difficulty in rp’ing Giants requires a lot of skill, and it’s up to the admins to decide from your previous threads as to whether or not you can handle it.
    Fishmen/Mermaids – Fishmen and mermaids both count toward a special slot. It can be argued that mermaids, lacking the strength of fishmen, don’t deserve to require a special. However, the ability to breathe both on land and in water is something that’s revered in a world that revolves mostly around the sea.
    Contrary to popular demand, fishmen do not have tails. They’re more human-esque than fish. Be consistent with your appearances.
    Cyborgs/Robots – With the addition of Franky, the popularity of cyborgs and robots skyrocketed. They are allowed at the cost of a special slot, but they bring an entirely different character template to the table, which will be talked about further down the page.

    Character Classes

    Character stats follow a class system, ranging from Class E to Class SS. [For the Class Upgrade System, see here]

    Class E – The lowest of low. A character of rank E is the average Joe off of the street, with nothing more than a basic understanding of his profession, fighting style, etc. His biggest asset are his dreams and determination.
    A Class E will not accomplish much of anything on his own, but several E’s at once could prove to be quite a nuisance to the Marines.

    Class D – You’ve gotten your feet wet; possibly even literally. You have a better understanding of how the world works, but the future is still an uncertain mess. You’re still a weakened being afloat on a sea teaming with monsters, both literal and figurative.

    Class C – Class C’s are the true Novices of the ocean. They have experienced enough of what the four Blues have to offer to understand that they have a difficult road ahead of them. The constant growth in their strength is becoming apparent, but still insignificant to what’s to be found in the Grand Line.

    Class B – You’re getting there. Your strength has finally started catching up to the dreams you had as a child. You’ve braved the four Blues, and now you’re journeying through the legendary Grand Line. No longer can you be considered a rookie and a failure. You’re officially a man of the sea.

    Class A – Class A’s are a household name, whether they be names of praise or fear. Their strength rivals any opponent they’ve faced thus far, and continue to terrorize those who are determined to stop you.

    Class S – Your name is feared among the multitudes. Your strength has far surpassed your wildest dreams, as you fight your way through your opponents with little effort. A Class S is the poster child of a prime fighter.

    Class SS – A Class SS has reached the pinnacle of perfection. Their reputation has become more of a legend; a scary story to be told to children. Their name will forever go down in lore as the monster of the sea, as they reign over the oceans with a heavy hand. None can stand against the might that they have obtained over the years.

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