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    What Makes SotH Different?


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    What Makes SotH Different?

    Post by Synch on Fri Oct 25, 2013 8:33 am

    So, you're interested in joining the Shadows...

    Rather than throw a block of text your way, we here at Shadows prefer to let our site do the talking. We've done our best to raise the standard set for One Piece rp's. Our unique features, relaxed community, and tough-but-fair staff, all work in tandem to provide you with the best possible roleplaying experience.

    What Makes Us Different

    We're highly interested in what our member base has to say. Shadows prides itself with being a member-orientated site. If the majority of the community disagrees with a choice, offers a suggestion, or what have you, then the staff will do its best to accomodate.

    Making logais wait to attain their elemental change, or taking away their "invulnerability" seemed to me to be an unacceptable choice. To take that away would be to take away the very essence of logias. Thus, every logia gains the ability to change into its elemental form at the beginner level. To combat the overpowered nature of this decision, every character, after reaching a certain level, will gain basic haki, allowing them to hit logia users.

    Zoans have always interested me, but it seemed that paramecias and logias always had more to offer. And so, as the user progresses, they'll eventually gain the ability to control a monster form, as well as partial-transformation.

    Bounty Hunters
    Bounty hunters are a difficult niche to fill on most sites. To remedy this, we've made hunters the main source of a player's income. You will earn beri based on rp posts, but you can earn a substantial bonus on every bounty captured. Furthermore, bounty hunters will have a bounty board, which will house a list of wanted pc's and npc's.

    Site Events
    What's the point of being a part of a roleplaying community if you only rp with a select few people? We will occasionally have both canon (in terms of the site's canon plot) and non-canon (in terms of other anime and plots) site events. Taking part in site events will have multiple benefits such as increased beri gain, covetted rewards, and more.

    Yes, it's possible to be captured. We also have a counsel that will make decisions when a debate over who should win a fight arises. When imprisoned, you have the chance to escape, or lose a slight amount of posts (which function as experience).

    More To Be Uncovered

    There is far more Shadows than has been listed above, and can only be discovered by taking the plunge, and joining our family. If you're interested in even the slightest, then at least join us in the chatbox. We'd be happy to have you aboard.

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