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    Gage Kurosawa


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    Approved Gage Kurosawa

    Post by Synch on Sat Sep 21, 2013 9:05 am

    Basic Info

    First Name: Gage
    Middle Name/Initial: N/A
    Last Name: Kurosawa
    Epithet: "The Gorgon"
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 115 lbs.
    Birthplace: North Blue
    Allegiance: Pirate
    Affiliations: N/A
    Occupation: Doctor/Fighter
    Bounty: 0
    Gage Kurosawa Y221
    The image is my own work, and copyrighted.

    Gage stands at 5'7" tall, and weighs 115 pounds. He has teal eyes, and has medium-length, spikey, red hair that separates in the back to form two larger spikes. He wears a tan and green, short sleeve jacket with a raised collar, and dark brown athletic shorts with a light brown trim. The old, leather rucksack he carries over his shoulder stores his medical supplies.

    Personality: Gage is a lighthearted guy, with a sick sense of humor. Everything is a joke, and nothing is viewed as worth worrying about. So Gage takes everything as it comes, and laughs along the way. Gage will avoid a fight if he is the sole target, but he’ll intervene in a heartbeat if it’s to protect another, especially a woman or crew member. As soon he steps into a confrontation, he becomes serious and focused, contrary to his lackadaisical nature. Training has taught him to have no fear or mercy in the midst of a fight. And so, when a fight ends and he comes back to his usual self, he may have have a mild panic attack due to any built up fear and anxiety.
    Character Goals: To further his knowledge of medicine and martial arts
    History: Gage Kurosawa was born into a well-to-do family, with parents who loved him dearly. But depression still found its way to Gage’s heart. He was born with a genetic disease that would cull his weight, and limit his diet. His unusually low weight, coupled with his desire to grow up to be a pirate, caused him to be constantly bullied by other the children. A child who can barely lift his own weight could hardly sail the Blues.
       Gage’s father noticed the progression of Gage’s depression, and made the decision to teach his son to defend himself. The men of the Kurosawa family have always had to live with this disease, and so one of the early ancestors developed an original style of martial arts that combines Kosshijutsu and Aikijutsu. This style allows the fighter to attack Kyusho points, which are pressure points, nerve endings, and susceptible points of the body. Attacking these points can produce different effects depending on what’s struck and where; some points may paralyze, while others simple amplify the force of the strike. Utilization of the Kyusho points allow smaller fighters, such as the Kurosawa family, to hold their own in a fight against much larger opponents.
       After only a few months of training, Gage took a great interest in why Kyusho points were so effective, and so he began studying the body further. His father taught him that the best way to learn how to break the body down is to first learn how to build it up. Over time Gage grew in understanding in both the medical field and in martial arts, each feeding off of each other.
       In the following years Gage would participate in local martial arts tournaments. His first time on the mat brought about some nostalgic feelings, as most of people mocked him for being in the tournament at such a low weight. But Gage kept his cool, and his agile and powerful strikes took the competition by storm. His opponents would go in for a strike, but Gage’s small figure allowed him to adequately dodge and move in for an attack. The paralytic nature of his attacks gained him the title of “The Gorgon”. Gage, however, never understood this, as the Gorgons were a band of sisters with one exception. But semantics didn’t matter; he was quickly becoming stronger, and in turn, more confident in his own self.
       Despite having a loving family and a promising career in martial arts, Gage made the decision to leave home. His childhood desire to become a pirate had remained, and his now dual love for medication and martial arts has given him the opportunity to follow that dream, and even further his understanding of medication along the way. All that remains now is to set out for this new experience…


    Rank: E [Post Count: 5/50]
    Strength – 4
    Agility – 10
    Intelligence – 6
    Constitution – 3
    Fortitude – 7

    Fighting Prowess

    Fighting Style: Martial Arts - Kosshijutsu/Aikijutsu
    Weapon Proficiency:
    Unarmed - 5
    Weapons: N/A
    Devil Fruit: N/A
    Combat Techniques:
    (Rank E ) Niyubiryu (Two Finger Style – powerful and focused paralytics) : Gusarito [Deep Thrust] -- Uses Index and Middle fingers to utilize piercing attacks on more complex pressure points
    (Rank E ) Kyushoryu (Vital Point Style – Blunt paralytics) : Yuta Genko [Relaxed Fist] -- Uses a kyusho fist to attack simple pressure points
    (Rank E ) Gyokkoryu (Jade Tiger Style – Bone-breaking/sword defense) : Shiisu Futatabi [Re-Sheath] -- Lunges in to stop an unskilled swordsman’s arm from drawing a sword, and forces it back into its sheath; sets up for dodge if it fails
    (Rank E ) Gyokkoryu (Jade Tiger Style – Bone-breaking/sword defense) : Kaisoku [Swift Foot] -- Kicks the sword out of unskilled swordsman’s hand by attacking the ulnar nerves in the hand. The foot then travels down and side-strikes the swordsman's inner ankle, causing him to buckle and drop to ground
    (Rank E ) Gyokkoryu (Jade Tiger Style – Bone-breaking/sword defense) : Ashinae [Cripple] -- Breaks bones or tears ligaments by utilizing joint manipulation
    Union Techniques: N/A
    Special Techniques: N/A

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    Approved Re: Gage Kurosawa

    Post by Anomalous on Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:18 am


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