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    Imprisonment Rules


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    Imprisonment Rules

    Post by Synch on Thu Sep 19, 2013 5:22 pm

    To prevent the nigh-inevitable debate when a marine attempts to apprehend a pirate, characters can be imprisoned. [If a disagreement as to the outcome of the battle occurs, admins will step in]

    If a character is imprisoned, he has 1 chance to escape. If he fails, then he must take a loss to his stats in order to leave. Crews may stage breakouts for failed escapees, but it must be logical; crews involved must somehow learn of the imprisonment, must all travel to, and gather at the prison together, and they must understand that a failed breakout will only result in the capture of any and all pirates involved. The deeper into the seas you delve, the less of a chance of escape you have.

    You will find a prison in each of the four Blues, and Impel Down in the Grand Line. When you have been arrested, you will be sent to an according prison. Notify Staff when you're ready to attempt your escape, as we will rp the npc marines that will prevent it. We will rule with an unbiased hand.

    As mentioned, if you fail an escape, then you must pay a cost to get your character out of prison. This payment is in the form of posts. The following is the amount of posts you will lose depending on your rank.

    E = 5 post
    D = 10 post
    C = 15 post
    B = 20 post
    A = 30 post
    S = 50 post  

    Since posts level you up, I'd try not to lose them.

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