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    Devil Fruit Template


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    Devil Fruit Template

    Post by Synch on Thu Sep 19, 2013 4:52 pm

    People seem to not understand how to properly create devil fruits, so here's a quick run-down.

    • Logia - Logias are only elements. These aren't the required earth, wind, fire, water elements, but any natural occurring element in nature. If it's man-made, it cannot be a logia.

    • Zoan - Animals. Straightforward, no? Apparently not. The Human line of zoans suggests that there may be others, but that's not something I want to explore on this site.

    • Paramecia - Paramecias that create and control, but cannot be characterized as logias, must stem from a natural occurrence in the body. In other words, if you're body can't naturally create something to deal with it, then a paramecia won't work. For example, the Wax fruit creates wax from the body's natural waxy discharge.

    If you are creating a canon fruit's sheet, then write "[Canon]" after the name.


    [color=#cc3333][b]Name:[/b][/color] Both Japanese and English
    [color=#cc3333][b]Type:[/b][/color] Paramecia, Zoan, or Logia
    [color=#cc3333][b]Character:[/b][/color] What character are you making this fruit for? If not one, put N/A
    [color=#cc3333][b]Abilities:[/b][/color] Abilities of the fruit
    [color=#cc3333][b]Weaknesses:[/b][/color] Only applies to logias

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