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    Character Class Upgrade System


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    Character Class Upgrade System

    Post by Synch on Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:14 am

    The Character Class Upgrade System is quite simple. It’s based on a person’s post count with each character. When a person finishes a thread, they’ll post a link here. The amount of posts that they made will be added up, and recorded in the staff database under the character name that you posted with. So to clarify, the post count is based off of each post you make under each character, not based off of your entire member post count.

    In order to provide each person with the ability to quickly progress at early levels, without allowing someone to quickly to jump to the max rank, the post requirements will scale accordingly.

    The post requirements are as follows:

    E = 0
    D = 50
    C = 100
    B = 175
    A = 275
    S = 400
    SS = 550

    To better illustrate the system, I’ll make two characters; Jim and Bob. Both characters start at rank E, and both require 50 posts each to progress to rank D. I complete a thread or two with Jim, and I’ve made the required 50 posts. Jim will now progress to rank D. Because I posted with Jim, those posts do not count for Bob, leaving him at rank E.

    Fishmen and Giants, due to their inherent strength and speed, are a step above the crowd. To show their appropriate levels, Fishmen are on a scale from E+ to SS+, and Giants scale from E++ to SS++. These ranks change nothing, and only show that their stats are higher than a normal human of the same rank.

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