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    The Docks


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    The Docks

    Post by Synch on Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:01 am

    You can feel it, can't you? That salty air, the cool wind. They call to you. You're ready to set sail. But what's this? No vessel? Never fear, for we have an abundance of relatively seaworthy ships. Post here, using the template below.

    • Row Boat ~ Free - Simple row boat. Holds about 3 people.

    • Dinghy ~ 5,000 Beri - Not much of a step above the row boat. The dinghy is generally used as a go-between for larger ships and land. Add a sail, however, and you're good to sail... For the most part. Pray for good weather.

    • Schooner ~ 20,000 Beri - The first real ship on our list. It isn't exactly a leader in defenses, nor does it excel at weaponry. What the Schooner does have is space. With 2 sails and open space, it provides relatively good speed, all the while housing a larger crew of about 10; not comfortably, though.

    • Sloop ~ 30,000 Beri - Speed. The Sloop sacrifices size, defense, and offense for speed. It can't house more than 5 people, and can't take on much cargo, but it can outrun nearly any vessel.

    • Cog ~ 45,000 Beri - The Cog; you're almost considered a real man of the sea at this point. The Cog is widely used as a trading ship. It has a much larger hull than any of the previous ships. And with one large mast, it has more deck space than anything short of the Schooner. The Cog is pretty well rounded in terms of speed and defense, but it lacks in offense. The Cog can comfortably house 6 people.

    • Galley ~ 60,000 Beri - You're finally there. The Galley is the go-to pirate ship. It offers a well rounded speed, defense, and offense. It has two larger masts, propelling this large ship with ease. The underbelly of the Galley provides comfortable housing for nearly 10 people.

    • Frigate ~ 70,000 Beri - The poster boy for the Marines. The Frigate is the number one used ship in the Corps' arsenal, as it provides immense firepower, all the while housing larger groups of people; about 15.

    • Man-O-War ~ 125,000 Beri - The terror of the seas. One of the largest ships on the waters, with more firepower than imaginable. A direct battle against of these is nearly suicide. What it has in strength, however, it lacks in speed. The MOW is a sluggish ship, that's outrun by nearly anything that floats. It can comfortably house 20 people.

    • Galleon ~ 175,000 Beri - The largest of the vessels. The Galleon is a glorified MOW without the firepower. Galleons are slow, and although they have a large amount of cannons, their firepower pales in comparison to the MOW. But what they lack in speed and offense, they more than compensate for in housing and defense. A Galleon can easily house 30 people.

    Ship Template

    [color=#cc3333][b]Ship Name:[/b][/color] Name of your ship
    [color=#cc3333][b]Ship Type:[/b][/color] Type of ship from list above
    [color=#cc3333][b]Character or Crew:[/b][/color] Character or crew this ship is for

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