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    Weapon Shop


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    Weapon Shop

    Post by Synch on Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:00 am

    There are two types of weapons; Normal and Custom. Both must be paid for. Post here, using the template below.

    Normal Weapons - Normal weapons are simple. If you can find them in any old weapons shop, then they're considered to be "normal". Normal weapons don't have any unique modifications, features, or what have you. They're pulled right off of the shelf. These weapons will have a solid price of 250 Beri per weapon.

    Some weapons require a quantity, however. These would be thrown weapons, arrows, bullets, etc. Guns, bows, and throwing weapons keep to the 250 price, but bullets, arrows, and anything of the sort, have a price of 300 Beri each. We want snipers, gunmen, archers, and whatever else, to think carefully about how to use their weapons. However, just so no one starts with a gun with only 2 or 3 shots, upon buying a ranged weapon, you will be given 5 free ammo. Any and all ammo that's bought will refresh after each thread. You do not need to re-purchase it.

    Custom Weapons - Custom Weapons are anything else. Slight modifications may only cost slightly more than it would if it were a normal weapon. Drastic modifications, on the other hand, can vary. The price of the weapon will be determined by the complexity of the weapon, and will be decided by the staff member in charge.

    Pets are also considered to be "custom weapons".
    Dials are "custom weapons", but you must be in the Grand Line to purchase them.

    Weapon Template

    [color=#cc3333][b]Weapon Name:[/b][/color]
    [color=#cc3333][b]Custom Weapon:[/b][/color] Yes or no
    [color=#cc3333][b]Weapon Stock:[/b][/color] What type of weapon is it? Sword, knife, gun, etc.
    [color=#cc3333][b]Weapon Description:[/b][/color]
    [color=#cc3333][b]Abilities and Modifications:[/b][/color] If it's a normal weapon, set this to N/A
    [color=#cc3333][b]Character:[/b][/color] Which character is this for?

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