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    Devil Fruit Rules


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    Devil Fruit Rules

    Post by Synch on Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:32 am

    Each member starts with three (3) devil fruit slots. Of these slots, one (1) can be a logia.


    Logia devil fruits are meant to be of a rare variety, and so they are limited to one (1) per member. A character may not be created with a logia until the member has gotten another character to at least Class C. Once Class C has been obtained, the member may either give a logia to the C if they don’t already have a fruit, or they may start a character with a logia.
    Logia users may turn into their element at will upon eating the fruit. To clarify, this is available at the lowest devil fruit rank. With the ability to become nearly invincible, it’s a requirement for each logia to have at least one weakness. Until a character can get haki [For more on Haki, see here], they must find and exploit the logia’s weaknesses in order to win.

    Banned Fruits

    It’s plain and simple; certain devil fruit ideas are banned from the start. If you attempt to create a banned fruit, then they will be denied without being read.

    Canon Fruits are exempt from this list, and can be used. This only refers to the creation of new fruits.

    • Artificials – I don’t care what the series has shown. No artificial devil fruits.
    • Gravity – No gravity fruits. The kilo is a weight fruit, and cannot be compared to a gravity fruit.
    • Shadow – There are two canon shadow fruits. That’s more than enough. I understand that people have an unnatural desire to use shadows as transportation, but it’s not going to happen. Too many shadow fruits.
    • Flight – I have a personal vendetta against devil fruits that allow flight. The only way this would be allowed would be if there was a legitimate explanation for it. Don’t get your hopes up.
    • Mythical/Ancient Zoans – These are allowed, but must be obtained through contests or other means of the sort.
    • Water – I’m not even going to get into this one.
    • Sharingans – No fruits that allow you to copy another person’s abilities and powers. It’s overpowered nature should be self-explanatory.
    • Invisibility – See above. Extremely overpowered in every way.
    • Unoriginals – I cannot, and I emphasize “cannot”, stand unoriginality. If you blatantly copy a character’s abilities from anywhere, then it’ll be an instant deny.
    • Similar Fruits - Do not create fruits that are similar to fruits that already exist, canon or custom. They will most likely be denied.

    This list is tentative to change.

    Upgrade System

    Devil fruits level up when your character increases with each rank. [To view the character class upgrade system, see here] Each type of devil fruit will level in its own way.

    • Paramecia – Paramecias are technique-based. A paramecia user will gain higher level techniques every time the character ranks up. For instance, the lightning logia would only be able to utilize lower voltages at rank E, whereas at SS he would be able to use the 9 million volt whatever attack that Enel uses.

    • Logia – Logias are also technique-based. Logia users gain the ability to turn into their element at rank E. This ability, contrary to popular belief, is a voluntary action. Enel proved in the series that it could be trained to become involuntary, but such a thing is not allowed here on SotH. If a character has no idea an attack is coming, let’s say from a sniper, then he wouldn’t be able to turn into his element to dodge it.
      The fact that logias gain this ability from the start does not exempt them from the idea of gaining proficiency per rank. At rank E, a logia will only be able to create a minute amount of their element, and will be very limited in their use of it.

    • Zoan – Zoans have very different leveling system. At rank E, the zoan user has the ability to turn into their 3 basics forms; human, full, hybrid. At ranks D, C, and B, you gain one (1) point transformation each. To reiterate, at rank D, a gorilla zoan would be able to learn one more transformation, perhaps an “arm point” that would emphasize the strength of gorillas’ arms. At rank A, zoans gain the ability to turn into their monster forms. Monster forms need to fit the idea set by the series; massive, hulking creatures. These monster forms have a ravenous bloodlust, and cannot be controlled in any way by the rp’er. When monster form has been invoked, report it to an admin. Staff will have a say in the actions of the zoan, so as to prevent biased measures.
      Ranks S and SS are what make zoans worth while. At rank S, the monster form will be fully controllable. And at rank SS, the zoan user gains the ability to partially transform while in their human stage. Marco’s turning his arms into wings is the perfect example.

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